A total of 374 people attended the open house on August 24. Of the 124 respondents who formally commented, 52 were in support of the project, 28 were opposed, 10 were uncommitted, 19 expressed conditional support, and 13 did not indicate support or opposition.

Among respondents answering the separate question about alternatives,

98 preferred Alternative 2B while 24 preferred Alternative 3B.

The comments, including additional statements by entities and local businesses, are part of the official public involvement record kept for the project. Some of the feedback will help designers improve Alternative 2B during the next steps of the project.

Over the next several months, the conceptual design and concept report for Alternative 2B will be completed, followed by preliminary plans and theenvironmental process. We will keep you informed with  regular updates on this website. Future meetings for the public will be scheduled and announced as our project team reaches important milestones to share progress with you. 


You can also download the official Georgia DOT Handout from the PIOH HERE for more detailed information. 

Learn more about the project! Watch the RCDC video: